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Career Tips on Profession and Professionalism

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Ø  “A professional is a man who can do his job when he doesn't feel like it. An amateur is a man who can't do his job when he does feel like it”. - James Agate

Ø  “A professional is a person who tells you what you know already, but in a way you cannot understand”.

Ø  “A professional profile sells your expertise to a potential employer, explaining why you are the best and only, candidate for the job”.

Ø  “A way to show your professionalism is to pick up the tab for networking coffees, and send thank - you notes for even a little bit of help”.

Ø  “All professions are conspiracies against the laity”. - George Bernard Shaw

Ø  “An official e-mail is a direct reflection of your capabilities & professionalism. Word it carefully & keep it formal”.

Ø  “At your workplace do not put your personal problems/issues before work. Be professional in your work style”.

Ø  “Eighty-seven percent of all people in all professions are incompetent”. -  John Gardner

Ø  “Having some professional experience under your belt before entering the workforce has become a necessity for many employers”.

Ø  “If your boss has a difficult management style-it doesn't mean you have to take it, respond with professionalism”.

Ø  “In a professional gathering, the more relevant you can be, the more likely you are to get connected to people who may be able to help you”.

Ø  “It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first”. - Ronald Reagan

Ø  “It is wonderful when a calculation is made, how little the mind is actually employed in the discharge of any profession”. - Samuel Johnson

Ø  “Never undermine the importance of dressing professionally in your job”.

Ø  “Once the interview is over, send a thank-you letter to all individuals with whom you interviewed. Build your professional network at all times”.

Ø  “One principal reason why people are so often useless is that they neglect their own profession or calling, and divide and shift their attention among a multitude of objects and pursuits”. - Nathaniel Emmons

Ø  “There is something tragic about the enormous number of young men there are in England at the present moment who start life with perfect profiles, and end by adopting some useful profession”. - Oscar Wilde

Ø  “To depend upon a profession is a less odious form of slavery than to depend upon a father”. - Virginia Woolf

Ø  “Tomorrow your dream job may show up right before your nose. Prepare for it with a professional CV and be ready to describe yourself as a valuable object to anyone that will try to recruit you”.

Ø  “When I realized that what I had turned out to be was a lousy, two bit pool hustler and drunk, I wasn't depressed at all. I was glad to have a profession”. - Danny McGoorty

Ø  “Writing is not a profession but a vocation of unhappiness”. - George Simenon

Ø  “You are a working adult now and it means being professional in the things you do. You need to conduct yourself with the highest of professional standards”.

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