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Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Resuscitation

Unable to reach the hospital in time, leads 50 percent deaths among heart patients, while some simple first aid techniques save their lives. Many of
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Cardiovascular Disorders - Index

Cardiovascular Disorders Questionnaire about Cardiac Arrest or Cardiovascular Diseases Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disorders Risk Factors  Social Factors Lifestyle Stressful life Nutrition Climate Diseases Drugs Symptoms Aetiopathological Agents Cardiovascular Resuscitation Terminology in Cardiology <Suggestions and Articles are most welcome>  ...
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Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disorders - Drugs

In the modern world, drugs are available for almost all diseases due to the impressive growth of the pharmaceutical industry over the last 100 years....
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Cardiovascular Disorders - Aetiopathological Agents

1. High blood pressure: It is the most reliable indicator of heart diseases. 2. Visceral fat: The body fat you can’t ignore. 3. Inflammation: The root cause...
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Cardiovascular Disorders - Symptoms

‘Out-of hospital cardiac arrest’ causes approximately 60% deaths in peoples aged more than 18 years of age (Nishiyama et. al., 2013). Lack of adequate knowledge...
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Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disorders - Diseases

Diabetes: Patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who are more frequent silent myocardial ischemia by ambulatory ECG recording had been found to have angiographically more...
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Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disorders - Climate

Cold: Large proportions of people living in the north, particularly those with pre-existing medical conditions, experience cardiovascular, respiratory or musculoskeletal symptoms in the cold (Nayha...
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Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disorders - Nutrition

The nutrition or diet is a major modifiable risk factor in the prevention and reduction of cardiac diseases. The diet should be a blend of...
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Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disorders - Stressful life

Stress refers to disruptions in life (e.g. discrete events e.g. divorce) and chronic strains (like ongoing conflicts in relationships) that challenge coping capabilities of an...
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Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disorders - Lifestyle

Lifestyle  The lifestyle plays an important role in the development of metabolic disorders e.g. diabetes and particularly the cardiovascular disorders. Physical inactivity: Physical activity decreases the risk...
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