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Vitamin Z, Zoopherin

Scientific name: Obsolete term for vitamin B12 Physiological role: Rat growth factor References Combs Jr. G.F., 2012, “The Vitamins - Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health - 3rd
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Vitamin Y, Factor Y

Scientific name: Probably vitamin B6 Physiological role: Rat growth factor References Chick H, Copping A. The composite nature of the water-soluble vitamin B1. 111. Dietary factors in addition...
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Vitamin X, Factor X

Scientific name: Obsolete term for vitamin E Physiological role: Antioxidant in cell membranes References Evans H, Bishop K. On the existence of a hitherto unrecognized dietary factor essential...
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Vitamin W, Factor W

Scientific name: Probably biotin Physiological role: Promoting bacterial growth References Frost D, Elvehjem C. Further studies on Factor W. J Biol Chem 1937; 121: 255–73. Combs Jr. G.F., 2012,...
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Vitamin V

Scientific name: (a) Probably NAD, (b) Sildenafil citrate Alternative names: (b) Viagra Physiological role: (a) Promoting bacterial growth, (b) Boost cardiovascular capacity References Cody M. Substances without vitamin status....
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Vitamin U, Factor U

Scientific name: (a) S-Methylmethioninesulfonium – methylsulfonium salts of methionine, (b) Undefined extract Substance/source: Isolated from cabbage Physiological role: Vitamin U is a novel free radical scavenger, prevents...
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Vitamin T

Scientific name: Mixture of folic acid, vitamin B12 and nucleotides Substance/source: Unconfirmed activity isolated from termites, yeasts or moulds Physiological role: Reported to increase protein utilization in...
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Vitamin S, Factor S

Vitamin S, Factor S Scientific name: (a) Strepogenin (peptide), (b) Salicylic acid Substance/source: Probably biotin Physiological role: Chicken growth factor References Schumacher A, Heuser G, Norris L. The complex nature...
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Vitamin R, Factor R

Scientific name: Obsolete term for conjugated folic acid Physiological role: Chicken growth factor References Schumacher A, Heuser G, Norris L. The complex nature of alcohol precipitate factor required...
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Vitamin Q, Q10

Scientific name: (a) Coenzyme Q (not a vitamin), (b) Proposed new vitamin Alternative names: (a) Ubiquinone, (b) Phospholipid from soybean Substance/source: Soybean Physiological role: Redox coenzyme in mitochondrial...
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Vitamin PP

Scientific name: Obsolete name for niacin Active form: NAD(H), NADP(H) Alternative names: Nicotinamide Physical properties: It is water soluble, non-flourescent, crystelline in nature and white is colour. The...
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Vitamin P

Scientific name: Bioflavonoids (rutin, citrin, hesperidin, eriodictin) Alternative names: Citrin Substance/source: Fruit extracts Physiological role: Reduce capillary fragility References Rusznjak S, Szent-Gyorgyi A. Vitamin P: flavonols as vitamin. Nature 1936;...
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Vitamin O

Scientific name: Bis-betacarboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide Alternative names: Organic germanium Substance/source: Diet supplement claiming to be a special supplemented oxygen in liquid form produced through electrical activation of...
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Vitamin N

Substance/source: Mixed extracts from brain and stomach Physiological role: Purported to have anti-cancer activity References Podionova N, Zabyalov S, Filippov V et al. Vitamin N biogenesis as basis...
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Vitamin M

Scientific name: Obsolete term for folic acid Substance/source: Pteroylglutamic acid Physiological role: Prevents nutritional cytopenia in monkeys Hypovitaminosis: Impaired growth of feathers in poultry; Hypervitaminosis: Epileptiform convulsions in rat;...
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Vitamin L2

Scientific name: Adenine derivative Substance/source: Unconfirmed yeast filtrate Physiological role: Proposed as necessary for lactation References Nakahara W, Inukai F, Ugami S. Vitamin L. Science 1938; 87: 372–73. Combs Jr....
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Vitamin L1

Scientific name: Orthoaminobenzoic acid Alternative names: Anthranilic acid Substance/source: Liver filtrate activity Physiological role: Proposed as necessary for lactation References Nakahara W, Inukai F, Ugami S. Vitamin L. Science 1938;...
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Vitamin L

Scientific name: Never defined Substance/source: Factor isolated from yeast Physiological role: Claimed to be essential for lactation in the rat References Nakahara W, Inukai F, Ugami S. Vitamin L....
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Vitamin K3

Scientific name: Menadione Substance/source: Synthetic vitamin K active substance not found in nature Physiological role: Coenzyme in blood clotting References Dam H. Historical survey and introduction. Vitam Horm 1967;...
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Vitamin K2

Scientific name: Menaquinones Substance/source: Vitamin K active substances synthesised by microorganisms and produced from other vitamins by animals Physiological role: Coenzymes in blood clotting References McKee R, Binkley S,...
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