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Diseases of Animals

Fatty Liver, Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome in Cats

Hepatic Lipidosis in cats is characterized by chronic anorexia (complete, partial); weight loss; and fatty degeneration of the liver in the presence of abundant abdominal...
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Zygophallaceous Plant Toxicity Motor Neuron Disease in Cattle and Sheep

Ingestion of plants belonging to 3 genera of the family Zygophyllaceae has been associated with clinical symptoms of motor neuron disease in cattle and/or sheep....
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Zygomycosis, Pythiosis, Lagenidiosis in Dogs and Cats

Zygomycosis is caused by fungi from genera including Mucor, Absidia, Rhizopus and Saksenaea in the class Zygomycetes, as well as the genera Basidiobolus and Conidiobolus...
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Zygomycosis, Phycomycosis in Ostriches

Zygomycosis is caused by fungi of the class Zygomycetes. Young ostriches that had been treated with antibiotics developed white gelatinous mucous adherent to the inner...
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Zygomycosis, Mucormycosis, Phycomycosis

Fungi of the order Mucorales rarely cause systemic disease of the respiratory, nervous, digestive, and/or lymphatic systems. Rhinocerebral and nasal zygomycosis was reported in sheep....
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Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis in Goats, Hereditary Malabsorption

Goats developed dermatologic symptoms of Zinc Deficiency that were not associated with a zinc-deficient diet. Lesions were most prominent on the back, legs, udder, face,...
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Zinc-Induced Copper Deficiency in Growing Cats

There was circumstantial evidence that growing kittens developed neurologic symptoms and fading coat colour due to zinc-induced copper deficiency caused by ingestion of zinc from...
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Zinc Toxicity in Dog

Zinc Toxicity has been reported in dogs when objects made of zinc were ingested. Acute renal failure due to tubular necrosis can occur. Species affected: Canine Symptoms:...
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Zinc Toxicity in Cattle and Sheep

Several episodes of zinc toxicity in cattle and sheep have been described. Sources of zinc included the accidental addition of zinc oxide to cattle feed,...
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Zinc Toxicity in Birds

Zinc toxicity can occur in caged birds, particularly psittacines, that chew on wire that is coated with zinc (galvanized). Pennies that contain zinc are a...
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