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Kohi Camel, Syed

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Country: Pakistan, Afghanistan

Home tract: Balochistan. Suleiman mountainous region of Balochistan, Pashtoonkhua and Punjab provinces of the country. Some specimens are also found in the Paktia province of Afghanistan.

Morphological characters

Body: Compact

Body coat: White in coat colour but some animals are light brown with white legs also found.

Eyes: Yellowish eye colour

Neck: Short

Quarters: Strong hind quarter

Legs: wide cannon bones and strong foot pad; white nails

Morphometric traits

Average body weight:  Calves - male – 32-40 kg, female - 31-40 kg; Adult males - 440.69 kg, females - 439.30 kg

Body length: Male – 140 cm, female – 141.25 cm

Heart girth: Male – 206 cm, female – 207.86 cm

Height at withers: Male – 176.61 cm, female – 176.13 cm

Neck length: Male – 88.85 cm, female – 86.18 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at maturity: Male 4 years, female 3 years

Gestation length: 375-386 days

Calving interval: 2 years

Production traits

Daily milk yield: 10.7 kg per day

Lactation length: 8-11 months

Wool production: 2.5 kg per annum

Temperament: Very loyal and loving to the owners

Remarks: Highly resistant to diseases. These animals are fit to survive in cold weather without housing. The herders believe that the white coloured camels produce more milk than brown body white forelegs animal


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