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Shanbali Camel

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Country: Sudan

Home tract: Found in North and South Kordofan states. They are bred by Shanabela and Awamera tribes; who move with their camels between the two states in different seasons. The owners of these camels migrate in the dry seasons to South Kordofan state near Kadugli and return to Al-mazroob area in the wet season.

Morphological characters

Body: Heavy

Body coat: The main colours of the breed are brown, red, grey and yellow; the hairs are straight and long.

Face: Flat

Ears: Medium, erect

Hump: Well developed, centrally placed with erect or bent sideways orientation.

Tail: Long, thick

Udder: Large

Morphometric traits

Average body weight:  Adult - 506±83.0 kg

Heart girth: 206±0.13 cm

Height at withers: 191±0.08 cm


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