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Touareg Camel, Al Tarqi, Ldrar, AL Azwad

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Category: Race camels

Country: Algeria

Home tract: They are Mehari type camels, raised by the Touareg tribes in the Sahara.

Morphological characters

Body: Medium sized

Body coat: Fine and supple skin

Head: Small

Eyes: Alert

Ears: Small

Neck: Fine and supple neck that is joined low down to the trunk.

Quarters: Long and fine shoulders; well muscled quarters

Chest: Very deep chest with well sprung ribs right to the back and terminating not far from pelvic bone

Legs: Straight and fairly close forelegs; straight and well spaced hindlegs; medium feet

Remarks: They have easy and tireless pace. They are also used in the police force in many countries


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