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Alashan Bactrian Camel

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Country: China, Mongolia

Home tract: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Morphological characters

Body: can be divided into coarse-compact type, fine-compact type, firm type; high-square body shape, medium body size

Body coat: Hair colours: apricot yellow, purple, brown, white. The coat colours correlate with environments

Head: Short and wide

Eyes: Big and bright

Chest: Deep and wide

Back: Short

Legs: Long and slim

Morphometric traits

Height at withers: Male - 172.3 cm, female - 168.8 cm

Reproductive traits

Reproductive life: 20 years old.

One female camel has 7-10 offspings

Remarks: They produce fluff, milk and can be used as work, meat. They survive in the harshest of conditions.


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