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Xinjiang Bactrian Camel

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Country: China

Home tract: Zhunga’er Basin, Talimu Basin, Altay Prefecture, Hotan Prefecture, Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Beyinguoleng

Morphological characters

There are two types of Xinjinag Bacterian camel viz. Nanjiang type or Beijing type.

Nanjiang type Xinjiang Bactrian Camel

Body: Low and wide

Body coat: “coarse-firm type” and ”fine-compact type”. Brown is the most common colour, yellow is the second. Proportion of brownish yellow to the whole population is 42.6%, canary 29.5%, yellow 23%, white 5%.

Head: Short and small

Forehead: Wide

Nose: Bridge of nose hunched

Eyes: Eye socket arched, eyeball protruded

Mouth: Tine

Neck: Medium in size with “Z-curved”

Hump: Humps are 20-40 cm in height and taper-shaped. Front hump is high and narrow, hind hump lower and broad.

Beijing type Xinjiang Bactrian Camel

Body: Fine and compact body conformation

Body coat: Proportion of brown to the whole population is 38%, yellow and grassy yellow is 22%, red is 31%, milk white and white is 8%, mouse colour is 1%.

Head: Fine and small, cuniform-shaped

Forehead: Wide and concave

Eyes: Eyelash length: 3-5 cm

Mouth: shapred; lips - long and agile; bridge - flat and straight; It is half ovum-shaped upper lip end

Hump: Hump base is wide, whose circumferences is 100-110cm. Spaces between humps: 25-40cm. Hump height: 30cm.

Legs: Diameter of hind hooves is 16-18 cm

Reproductive traits

One female can produce 6-9 progenies in all lifetime.

Remarks: It can be used to produce fluff, milk, and meat.


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