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Camel Breeds

Saheli Camel

Country: Saudi Arabia Home tract: Red Sea coast Morphological characters Body coat: Red coat colour Head: Small Forehead: Pronounced Ears: Round without hairs Neck: Small, thin Hump: Round Legs: With narrow feet Udder: Small Morphometric traits Heart
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Riverain Camel

Country: India Home tract: Areas with good rain fall, plenty of water supply and good pasture with abundance of vegetation. These are found in areas of...
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Regbi Camel

Accession number: Category: Race camels Country: Algeria Home tract: It is Mehari type breed, found in extreme south of Ain Safra south of Algeria and the extreme...
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Rashaida Camel, Rashaidi

Category: Milch type Country: Sudan Home tract: Kasala area of eastern Sudan and raised by the well-known Rashaida tribe. In dry seasons these camels are found in...
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Raigi Camel

Country: Pakistan, Afghanistan Home tract: Khurasan region of Killasaifula and Zhob districts of northeastern Balochistan and the nearby Afghan provinces of Paktika, Ghazni, Zabul and Qandhar. Morphological...
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Peshin Camel

Country: Pakistan Home tract: Distributed in hilly mountainous areas. This breed is found in Quetta Peshin and adjoining areas. Morphological characters Body coat: The clour varies from light...
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Pakistan Camel

Country: Kenya Morphological characters Body: Smaller in body size than Somali but larger than Gabbra/Rendille Body coat: Mainly grey in colour. Morphometric traits Average body weight:  Adult – 400 kg Production...
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Ould Sidi Al-Sheikh Camel

Category: Milch type Country: Sudan Home tract: Ain Safra area among the north-eastern boarders of Mauritania, the south-eastern boarders of Morocco and south-western boarders of Algeria. Morphological characters Body:...
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Oulad Bou Sayf, Orfella and Fezzan Camel

Category: Dual purpose i.e. Milch and draught type Country: Libya Home tract: Western Libyan Oases. These are breed types of the Mehari and its hybrids. Morphological characters Body: Medium...
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Nabul Camel

Country: Tunisia Home tract: Nabul area at the coastal zone North Tunisia and are heavier than the other coastal camels and have larger humps. References Wardeh M.F., 2004,...
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Mountain Camel, Hilly, Pahari

Country: Pakistan Home tract: Salt Range areas of District Rawalpindi Attock, Chakwal, Jhelum and some parts of Balochistan. Morphological characters Body: Short structured animals with compact body, with...
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Mille Camel, Afar

Country: Ethiopia Morphological characters Body: Small Neck: Short Tail: Long Morphometric traits Average body weight:  Adult - 477.08±7.49 kg Leg Length: Forelimb - 158.92±1.31 cm; Hindlimb - 165.92±2.05 cm Body length: 130.14±1.13 cm Heart...
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Mehari Camel, Mehri

Category: Race camels Country: Oman Home tract: Thoroughbred race camel that descended from the Murrah camels in the Sultanate of Oman. Morphological characters Body: Medium sized, beautiful Body coat: Fine...
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Maya Camel

Country: Pakistan Home tract: North western hilly areas of NWFP province. It resemble bactrian camel Morphological characters Body coat: Dark brown to blackish coloured with long winter coat;...
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Marrecha Camel, Mahra

Category: Reverine type Country: Pakistan Home tract: Cholistan. It is believed that these have been developed from Tharparker camels having their home tract in Sindh province of...
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Makrani Camel

Country: Pakistan Home tract: Throughout of Western coastal areas of Balochistan. Morphological Description: There are two varieties in this breed, the one which is found near coastal...
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Majaheem Camel, Malah

Country: Saudi Arabia Home tract: North-eastern areas Morphological characters Body coat: Black; long hair covering all the body Hump: Pointed, placed in the middle of the back Legs: Long with...
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Maghrebi Camel

Category: Dual purpose i.e. Milch and draught type Country: Egypt Home tract: Most coastal zones of the North African territories that extend from Egypt to Morocco. The...
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Maganeen Camel

Country: Sudan Home tract: Found in North Kordofan state, bred by the Maganeen tribe. Some of this camel's owners migrate in the dry seasons to South...
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Maalia Camel

Country: Sudan Home tract: North and South Kordofan states. It is bred by Maalia and Maagela tribes. These tribes spend the dry season in South Kordofan...
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