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Badri Cattle, Red Hill Cattle

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Registered breed accession number: INDIA_CATTLE_2400_BADRI_03040

Country: India

Home or breeding tract: Uttarakhand (India)

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small sized

Body colour: Red coat colour (Banga et al. 2005) to varied body colours black, brown, red, white or grey (Mohapatra 2017); of which red colour cows are comparatively more in numbers in comparison to others (Chauhan and Prasad 2004).

Eyes: Very bright and alert

Ears: Always erected and show the alertness of the animal

Neck: Wide and small

Horns: Horned

Tail: With black switch

Limbs: Small and straight with hard foot pad and hooves

Udder: Less developed

Morphomtric parameters

Body weight: 200-250 kg

Height at withers: 100.76±5.8 cm

Body length: 103.97±6.3 cm

Tail length: 63.96±5.9 cm

Average heart girth: 137.63±7.1 cm

Paunch girth: 170.84±6.5 cm

Pin bone distance: 15.85 cm

Production traits

Daily milk yield (Kg): Average of 1.0 kg milk production per cow per day

Behaviour: Docile

Remarks: Kept as a grazing animal and is seldom stall fed. Walk easily on heights and valleys in the hilly areas.


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