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Zobawng Cattle

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Status: Endangered

Country: India

Home or breeding tract: High altitudes of Mizoram state. The local cattle of the Mizoram state are called as zobawng (zo means high land and bawng means cattle) i.e. cattle of hills.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small sized

Body colour: The body colour varies in different colours brown (85%), black (11%) and gray (4%).

Head: Small with prominent poll

Ears: Small to moderate, horizontal orientation

Muzzle: Black (79%) and brown

Naval flap: Small

Penis sheath flap: Short and tucked up with body

Horns: Small, black (72%) or gray (28%) in colour. Orientation was mostly outward, upward and then curved towards face.

Tail: Above the hock with black (39%), brown (54%) and gray (7%) switch

Hooves: Black (87%) and brown (13%)

Udder: Small, not well developed and milk veins were not prominent. Sizes of fore and rear udder were small (77% and 62%, respectively).

Teats: small 5-12 cm long, in most of the cases in cylindrical shape (22%) and funnel (78%) type. Tips of the teats were either round (82%) or funnel (18%).

Morphomtric parameters

Height at withers: 108.42±0.73 cm

Body length: 121.44±0.90 cm

Head length: 38.69±0.25 cm

Forehead width: 14.29±0.15 cm

Horn length: 5.05±1.27 cm

Tail length: 85.64±0.66 cm

Leg length: 92.05±0.51 cm

Average heart girth: 133.15 ±0.62 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at puberty: 28-43 months

Age at first service: 30-44 months

Age at first calving: 39-51 months

Gestation period: 280-300 days

Post partum heat: 4-10 months

Dry period: 6-12 months

Production traits

Daily milk yield (Kg): 4.4 kg (0.5-3.0 kg)

Lactation period: 275 days

Behaviour: Docile


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