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Hariana Cattle Breed

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Registered breed accession number: INDIA_CATTLE_0520_HARIANA_03009

Breed group: Dual type i.e. milch and draught type.

Country: India

Home or breeding tract: The home tract of this breed is Haryana (India). Rohtak, Jhajjar, Karnal, Hissar, Gurgaon district of Haryana, and the Union Territory of Delhi, in West Uttar Pradesh and adjoining parts to Haryana in Rajasthan.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Proportionate, compact, graceful.

Body colour: White or light grey; bullocks are dark grey coloured (anteriorly and posteriorly)

Head: Light, Small, long and somewhat with height; carried high

Forehead: Flat, bony prominence in the centre of poll.

Face: Long, narrow

Eyes: Black

Ears: Small, sharp, bright, close to body

Muzzle: Black

Neck: Long, slender

Dewlap: Present

Shoulder hump: Larger in males

Naval flap: Absent

Penis sheath flap: Short

Horns: Short and somewhat horizontal, grow longer and curve upwards and inwards in bullocks.

Tail: Thin, short, tapering towards the end with a black switch reaching just below the hocks.

Limbs: Sturdy, moderately long, thin

Hooves: Well-shaped, black

Pin bone: Prominent, far apart in females but close in males

Udder: Well developed, capacious, extends well forward.

Teats: Prominent

Veins over udder: Prominent

Morphometric parameters

Body weight: Male: 500 kg, females: 325 kg

Height at withers: Male: 132 - 155 cm; Females: 127 - 140 cm.

Body length: Male: 141.02 cm, female: 139.2 cm

Average heart girth: Male: 173.96 cm, female: 169.8 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first calving: 40 - 61 months

Inter-calving period: 13 - 18 months

Gestation period: 290 days

Production traits:

Lactation period: 238 - 330 days (272 days, average)

Milk production per lactation: 1400 - 2300 Kg. Individual yield have reached upto 3266 kg., The maximum yield of 4536 has also been recorded.

Average milk fat: 4.3 - 5.3%

Slaughtering age: In many states of India cow slaughter is ban.

Ability as draught purpose: The bullocks are strong, active used for draught and transportation.

Current status: Decreasing population

Anything else: It is a dual type breed i.e. used for milk production and draught purpose. Pedigree herds are maintained at some Government farms. There are frams (Goshala) which are rearing the abandoned, culled cows.

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