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Khillari Cattle Breed

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Synonyms: Khillar

Registered breed accession number: INDIA_CATTLE_1108_KHILLAR_03014

Breed group: Dual purpose i.e. milch and draught purpose.

Country: India

Home or breeding tract: Southern parts of Maharastra i.e. Sholapur, Satara districts and Satpura range in India. Distributed throughout maharastra (India). Khillar means a herd of cattle. The animals of this breed belong to four types viz. 1. the Atpadi Mahal of Hanam Khillar from Southern Mahratta, 2. the Mhaswad Khillar from Sholapur and Satara districts, 3. Thillari or Tapi Khillar from west Khandesh, 4. The Nakali i.e. the imitation Khillar.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Compact body with clean-cut features. These cattle resemble Amritmahal breed of cattle except that Khillari look even more bigger framed.

Body colour: Mhaswad Khillari - greyish males being darker over the fore-quarters and hind quarters with typical mottled markings on the face. The Tapi Khillari is white with a pink nose and pink hooves. The Nakali Khillari isgrey with tawny or brick dust colour over the fore quarters.

Skin: Soft and pliable though tightly drawn over the body. The hairs are fine, short and glossy.

Head: Massive

Forehead: Slight prominent; distinct groove runs in the center of the forehead form the nasal bridge to the center of the poll.

Face: Narrow, lean and long with smooth, tightly drawn skin

Eyes: Small; set in elongated fashion and are rather small, though prominent and often a little bulging; thick, wavy skin folds around the eyes give them a dull appearance and not often liked.

Ears: Small; pointed and always held sideways. The ears are pale yellow colored inside.

Muzzle: Frequently mottled in color, a pink muzzle is not like by some breeders

Neck: Short and firmly set.

Dewlap: Light with very little fold.

Shoulder hump: Shoulders are tightly muscled and moderate sized in males.

Chest (barrel): Cylindrical; long and compact with no loose skin.

Naval flap: Tight and close to the abdomen

Penis sheath flap: Tight and close to the abdomen

Horns: Long and pointed, emerging close to each other and follow the backward curve of the forehead. Black coloured horns are preferred though pink colored horns are frequently seen, especially in Tapti Khillar.

Tail: Just touching the hock joint.

Limbs: Clean cut, round and straight.

Hooves: Black and digits closely set, small in comparison with the bulk of the body.

Production traits: Poor milkers.

Milk production per lactation: 240 - 515 kg

Average milk fat: 4.20%

Ability as draught purpose: Highly valued as fast paced, powerful draught animals. The gait of Khillar is quick and spirited.

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