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Ponwar Cattle Breed

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Registered breed accession number: INDIA_CATTLE_2000_PONWAR_03021

Breed group: Draught purpose.

Status: Decreasing

Country: India

Home or breeding tract: Pilibhit and North West part of Lakhimpur Kheri District of Uttar Pradesh (India).

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small, compact and non-fleshy

Body colour: Brown or black with white patches in varying proportions.

Skin: Tight

Forehead: Slightly concave

Face: Small and narrow; has a white marking.

Eyes: Big, bright; eyelids generally black

Ears: Small and erect with a sideways orientation and have pointed tips.

Muzzle: Generally black

Dewlap: Medium

Shoulder hump: Small in females and developed in males

Horns: Upstanding; small to medium and curve inward with pointed tips.

Tail: Long and reaches to below the hock. Tail switch is white in black animals and black in those having a greater proportion of white patches.

Hooves: Generally black

Udder: Small

Teats: Small

Veins over udder: Small

Morphomtric parameters

Height at withers: Male: 115.6±0.4 cm, female: 108.9±0.4 cm

Body length: Male: 102.5±0.5 cm, female: 97.1±0.5 cm

Average heart girth: Male: 158.8±0.9 cm, female: 140.6±0.5 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first calving: 40 - 60 months

Dry period: 110.0±2.6 days

Inter-calving period: 12.6±0.1 months

Service period (days): 60 - 100 days

Production traits: Poor Milkers; generally not milked and calves are allowed to suckle the milk.

Daily milk yield (Kg): 0.5 - 2.5 kg

Lactation period: 240 - 300 days

Milk production per lactation: 462.5±12.1 kg.

Ability as draught purpose: The bullocks are famous for their speed, stamina and capacity and are used both in plough and road.

Anything else: These animals are aggressive. These animals behave in semi-wild manner and are tough to control. A herd is maintained at the Govt. cattle farm at Hempur in Nainital district.

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