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Vrindavani Cattle

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Country: India

Home or breeding tract: Crossbred cattle strain developed at Indian VeterinaryResearch Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, India. It has an exotic inheritance of Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss, Jersey and indigenous inheritance of Hariana cattle. The synthetic population of crossbred cattle strainhaving exotic inheritance between 50-75% and Hariana inheritance between 25-50% has been named ‘Vrindavani’.

Morphological characteristics

Body colour: Predominantly brown though some animals had black, white and beige coat colour

Head: Clean cut well proportionate with prominent poll and concave forehead

Ears: Medium sized,laterally orientated with round edge

Quarter: Hip bone was broad and prominent with wide, smooth and level pin bone

Udder: Generally trough type

Morphomtric parameters

Height at withers: Male 127.45±2.22 cm, female 121.62±0.47 cm

Height at hip bone: Male 122.68±2.18 cm, female 123.13±0.47 cm

Height at pin bone: Male 113.14±1.96 cm, female 112.86±0.42 cm

Body length: Male 171.45±3.71 cm, females 155.88±0.79 cm

Face length: Male 22.50±0.46 cm, female 19.05±0.10 cm

Face width: Male 49.11±1.07 cm, female 46.42±0.23 cm

Neck length: Male 53.11±1.86 cm, female 58.83±0.40 cm

Ear length: Male 23.44±0.55 cm, female 23.05±0.12 cm

Heart girth: Male 195.18±4.20 cm, female 171.73±0.90 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first calving: 1012.14±9.32 days

Dry period: 99.65±5.75 days

Inter-calving period: 425.95±4.87 days

Service period (days): 149.54±4.55 days

Gestation period: 277.61±0.40 days

Production traits

Daily milk yield (Kg): 16.58±0.16 kg

Lactation period: 305 days

Milk production per lactation: 3219.75±41.09 kg

Behaviour: Docile to moderate in temperament


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