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Cattle Breeds

Belahi Cow – The Unique Cattle of Shiwalik Foothills

India is the home of unique cattle breeds of world which are well adapted to varied agro-climatic regions. The Indian cattle (Bos indicus) commonly known as Zebu cattle are well resistant to exotic diseases. They can thrive on least quality of grass and roughages. Among 41 identified and registered cattle breeds of India, ‘Belahi’ possess unique characters just like to other Indian cattle. They have reddish brown body, and white face and extremities and different degrees of white colour on ventral part of body. Some white body coloured variants may also be seen. They are hardy cattle, resistant to endo-ectoparasites and other contagious diseases and mastitis.
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Brown Atlas Cattle, Beldi, Blond Moroccan, Blond Zaers, Blonde des Plateux, Brune de l' Atlas, d'Oulmes et des Zaers, Libyan Brown Atlas, Libyan Shorthorn, Mahalli, Moroccan Blond, Oulmes Blond, Oulmes

Breed group: North African Humpless Shorthorns Country: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia Home or breeding tract: Inhabit the coastal areas of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and specifically...
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Zobawng Cattle

Status: Endangered Country: India Home or breeding tract: High altitudes of Mizoram state. The local cattle of the Mizoram state are called as zobawng (zo means high...
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Lakhimi Cattle

Registered breed accession number: INDIA_CATTLE_0200_LAKHIMI_03041 Breed group: Dual – Milk and draught Country: India Home or breeding tract: Distributed in entire state of Assam Morphological characteristics Body: Small sized Body colour:...
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Badri Cattle, Red Hill Cattle

Registered breed accession number: INDIA_CATTLE_2400_BADRI_03040 Country: India Home or breeding tract: Uttarakhand (India) Morphological characteristics Body: Small sized Body colour: Red coat colour (Banga et al. 2005) to varied body...
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Slavonski Podolac Cattle, Slavonian Syrmian Podolian, Grey Stepp, Croatian Steppe, Podolsko Govece, Greek Steppe, Boz Step, Slavonian Syrmian, Istrian Grey, Boskarin, Bulgarian Grey

Status: Critical Country: Croatia Home or breeding tract: Croatia (Slavonija); Ljonsko PoljeNautrepark; Gajna Reserve; Kopacki Rit Morphological characteristics Body colour: Uni-coloured grey Horns: Lyre-shaped Morphomtric parameters Body weight: Adult male 600 kg,...
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Sivo dalmatinsko govedo Cattle, Dalmatian Grey

Status: Vulnerable Country: Croatia Home or breeding tract: Dalmatia Morphological characteristics Body colour: Grey Horns: Short and light horns Morphomtric parameters Body weight: Adult male 400 kg, female 325 kg Height at withers: Male...
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Sharri Busha Cattle, Busha, Illyrian Cattle, Brachyceros, Rhodopi, Rodopy Shorthorn

Status: Endangered Country: Kosovo Home or breeding tract: Sharri mountains Morphological characteristics Body colour: Intensive red, sometimes yellowish, dark red, tiger Head: Small, narrow, mug is dark coloured with some...
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Rhodope Cattle, Rhodopska, Rodopsko kasorogo govedo, Rodopi

Status: Endangered Country: Bulgaria Home or breeding tract: Central and east Rodopy Mountains, Smolian, Lovetch District, Central Balkan, Apriltzi, Teteven, Kaloffer Morphological characteristics Body: Small body, short to medium...
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Istarsko govedo Cattle,Boškarin, Boskarin, Istrian, Buje

Status: Endangered Country: Croatia Home or breeding tract: Peninsula Istra Morphological characteristics Body colour: Uni-coloured: grey with light snout and rings around the eyes, black tongue, black palate and...
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