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Zamorano-Leones Donkey

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Country: Spain

Home tract: The Zamorano-Leones-Donkey is said to have been in existence since the 10th Century. Originally it was bred in the Cantabrian mountain range between the rivers Cea and Orbigo. In the Province Zamora in the north of Salamanca it was mainly used in mule breeding. In the 13th and again in the 18th Century, Zamorano-Leones were exported to many neighbouring countries and also overseas. Since 1950 both the internal and foreign markets shrank.

Status: Stable, conservation

Morphological Characters

Body: Balanced conformation, corpulent and with a powerful body. The well developed capillary wool lends the amoranoeones a special physiognomy.

Head: Large, very rough, dark brown coat; the mass of hair on the forehead.

Mophometric traits

Body height at withers: 140-155 cm


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