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Pig Breeds

Zovawk Pig

Registration accession number: INDIA_PIG_2700_ZOVAWK_09007 Type: Pork Status: Negligible in numbers Country: India Home tract: Distributed in Mizoram Morphological characteristics Body: Small sized Body coat: Black with white spot on forehead, white patches
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Tenyi Vo Pig, Suho Pig, Votho Pig, Naga Indigenous Pig

Registration accession number: INDIA_PIG_1400_TENYIVO_09004 Type: Pork Status: Endangered. Currently need to preserve from extinction. Country: India Home tract: Found in the district of Chakesang, Mao, Tuensang and Angami area...
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Welsh Pig

Country: England Place of origin: England Morphological characteristics Body: Long; "pear shaped" when viewed from either the side or from above. Body coat: Yellow-white, but some are spotted black...
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Vietnamese Potbelly Pig

Country: Vietnam Place of origin: Vietnam Morphological characteristics Body: Small Body coat: Black or black and white. Morphometric traits Body weight: Boar: kg, Sows: kg; 32 - 68 kg, but can...
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Tibetan Pig

Country: Vietnam Place of origin: Vietnam Morphological characteristics Body: Light Body coat: Black hair coat, with long and dense bristles. Morphometric traits Body weight: Sows: kg; 35 kg Reproductive traits Litter size: Average...
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Tamworth Pig, Cottagers' Pig

Status: Rare Country: England, Scotland, Canada Place of origin: Originated in central England in the counties of Stafford, Warwick, Leicester, and Northhampton.  Named for village of Tamworth...
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Spotted Pig, Spotted Poland China

Country: United States of America Place of origin: Indiana. Cross of Indiana landrace, Poland China, and Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs. Morphological characteristics This breed resembles the Poland China...
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Soc Pig

Country: Vietnam Home tract: Distributed mostly in the minorities villages of Tay Nguyen. Morphological characteristics Body: Small; look like a wild pig Body coat: Thick skin, long black hairs Mouth:...
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Small White Pig

Status: Became extinct in 1912. Country: England Place of origin: Joseph Tulley developed in 1852 by cross-breeding the traditional Old Yorkshire, a large white pig, with imported...
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Red Wattle Pig

Status: Extremely rare Country: France Place of origin: New Caledonia, a French Island in the South Pacific. Named after its red colour and the fleshy skin that...
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