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Livestock Restraint

Physical Restraint of Animals

Physical restraint is the use of manual or mechanical means to limit some or all of an animal's movements for the purpose of examination, collection
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Animal Psychology

One has great opportunity to exercise his knowledge of animal psychology by differentiating between the nervous cow, the docile cow, the balker, and the chronic...
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Safe Animal Restraining

* Be aware of the special stressors for animals in the clinic setting. - The clinic is extremely chaotic for any animal-there are an incredible number...
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Tools and Equipments for Restraint of Animals

Leash: The most common tool used to handle animals in the clinic is the leash. Placed around a dog's neck it normally controls even the...
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Halter is the primary method of restraint used in cattle. The halter can be made of cotton, nylon, twine, etc. It is mainly used to...
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Restraints that Divert Attention

Tail Restraint The tail restraint may be applied by an assistant whenever it is necessary to distract a cow's attention from another part of her body...
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Methods of Raising a Leg

Front Leg Hopple  In this way a front leg may be raised and held off the ground for examination or treatment. This restraint can also be...
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Special Restraints

Speculum Examinations For any thorough examination of a cow's mouth one should use a speculum and have a good strong light. The speculum with its two...
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Casting Restraints

Cows are more easily and safely cast than horses since they struggle less and are more willing to lie down. Bedding should be arranged for...
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Basic Rope Work

Eye Splice with a Quick Release Knot The quick-release honda is a metal eye which can be quickly attached to or released from the standing part...
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