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Benefits of Getting Married

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Intangibles benefits


Emotional intimacy


Affection and love

A true partnership

Someone who

Understands you

Accepts you just the way you are

Believes in you

Wants to make you happy

Loves you so much they have tied their entire future to yours

Someone to share


Workload of providing shelter and making it a home

The good times

Someone to

Talk with

Help you up when you are feeling down

Laugh and cry with

Play with

A permanent cheerleader

Safety and security

Sense of belonging

A partner through times of crisis

Regular sex with a loving partner

A partner in the difficult task of raising independent, self sufficient children

Giving your children a good role model of marriage

All Time Romance, if you're lucky!

Tangible benefits

Better health

Greater job success

Increased financial security

Secure children more likely to succeed and less likely to be obese

Superior quality of life

Longer life


Financial benefits

Discounts on insurance

Combining credit power

Inheriting part of your spouse's estate

Beneficiary rights on insurance and retirement plans

Receiving Social Security, Medicare, military and disability benefits for spouses

Receiving wages and retirement income for a deceased spouse

Receiving a portion of the property as well as financial support if you divorce

Family benefits

Obtaining work permits and immigration for foreign spouse

Preferential treatment in adoption and foster care placements

Visitation rights at penal institutions

Right to make funeral arrangements for spouse

Medical benefits

Qualifying for insurance under a spouse's plan

Hospital visitation rights when your spouse is ill

Consult with medical staff on spouse's care

Benefits of good partnership

A reenergized sex life

Better communication

More quality time together

Affair proofed relationship

Lowered odds during most vulnerable stages

Protection from advice that doom your marriage

Flexibility to thrive irreconcilable differences

Bonuses of good partnership

More happiness: Marriage does more to promote life satisfaction than money, sex, or even children. Economically, marriage's happiness boost is equal to that of pulling down a six-figure salary.

Better sex: It's a myth that married sex has to be tepid and infrequent. The study revealed that married women and men have more sex-and better sex-than unmarried people did. They also enjoy it more on physical and emotional levels.

More wealth: Compared to confirmed bachelors and bachelorettes, married people accumulate about four times more savings and assets.

A longer, healthier life: researchers discovered that many more married women and men were still alive at age 65 than were divorced, widowed, or never-married people.

Benefits of improved marriage

You will understand the core mission of your marriage, which changes with each stage: Knowing your relationship's real priorities - such as sexy bonding, assertively getting to know one another, developing independence, or simply raising children well - will help you build a rock-solid, deeply intimate, joyful marriage.

You will develop new strengths for the journey ahead: Too many couples bemoan a loss of passion. But endless physical passion and romance (at the expense of other things) is not only next to impossible - it's bad for a marriage. A good spouse not only evolves but also changes his or her contribution to and role in a marriage as time progresses. Men in particular tend to get stuck in a single role, thinking that they should not change from the "man she married.“

You will sidestep advice that could threaten your marriage: Friends, marriage counselors, and TV shrinks may be steering you wrong if you and they - don't get what your relationship needs right now.

You will avoid time- and effort-wasting wrong moves: Trying the wrong tactics at the wrong time (for example, fixating on your mellowing sex life in the Realization stage, rather than exploring each other's nonsexual being) won't help bring you lasting closeness. So, couples should identifies the key things to do in their life.

You will enjoy an immediate payoff in pleasure and fun: Simply knowing where you are on the marriage journey is very reassuring. A rough patch

doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is broken or that you're hitched to Mr. or Mrs. Wrong. Instead, difficulties often simply signal the arrival of a crucial new stage.

You will rediscover pleasure and play-now: Sure, will help you through the big, tough challenges of marriage-how to argue, living with stuff you will never resolve, how to adjust to each other's changing priorities and needs. But underlying it all is a simple message: Marriage is about fun. At every stage, the couples should laugh, get away, pamper yourselves, indulge, play, have sex, relax, and even tease each other. For what is a good marriage if not joy?

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