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Zinc, Zn, Zincum

The importance of zinc has long been recognized; zinc ores being used in the making of brass as early as 1000 AD. Zinc was recognized
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A functional role for vanadium in higher animals and humans has not yet been identified. Vanadium mimics insulin and stimulates cell proliferation and differentiation. Vanadium...
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Sulfer, Sulfur, S

Sulfur is present in three amino acids. Methionine, cystine and cysteine and thus it is present in all proteins in the body. Connective tissue, skin,...
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Sodium, Na, Na+, Natrium

Although sodium is metal it is not found in nature in its free form, but just in compounds or ionic form. It was first isolated...
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Silicon, Si

Silicon is one of the most abundant elements in plant and animal tissue. Silicon was confirmed as an essential element in 1972, when rats and...
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Selenium, Se

Selenium is an essential trace mineral, nutrient of fundamental importance to human biology in 70s of the last century. It functions in the body as...
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Potassium, K, K+, Kalium

Potassium is the principal cation in intracellular fluid and functions in acid-base balance, regulation of osmotic pressure, conduction of nerve impulse, muscle contraction particularly the...
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Phosphorus, P, PO4,3-, Phosphate

Phosphorus is located in every cell of the body and is vitally concerned with many metabolic processes, including those involving the buffers in body fluids....
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Nickel, Ni, Niccolum

Nickel is an essential element in animals. It has been speculated that nickel may play a role in the maintenance of membrane structure, control of...
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Molybdenum, Mo

Molybdenum functions as a cofactor for a limited number of enzymes in humans. Molybdenum is known since ancient times, often with was considered as lead....
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