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Namology - A

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A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=8, G=3, H=5, I=1, J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N=5, O=7, P=8, Q=1, R=2, S=3, T=4, U=6, V=6, W=6, X=5, Y=1, Z=7


Aabheer: A cow herd

Aadarsh: Ideal

Aadesh: Command

Aadhira: Moon

Aadi: First, most important

Aadidev: First god

Aadinath: First god

Aadit: Peak

Aaditeya: Son of Aditi

Aaditya: Sun

Aagam: Coming/arrival

Aagney: Son of Fire

Aagneya: Son of fire

Aahlaad: Delight

Aahva: Beloved

Aakaash: Sky

Aakar: Shape

Aakarshan: Attraction

Aalap: Prelude to a raga

Aalok: Light

Aamod: Pleasure

Aanand: Joy

Aanandswarup: Full of joy

Aandaleeb: Bulbul bird

Aanjaneya: Son of Anjani

Aapt: Trustworthy

Aaraadhak: Worshipper

Aarth: Meaning

Aashish: Blessing

Aashman: Son of the sun

Ashlesh: To embrace

Aashutosh: Who is easily pleased

Aastik: Who has faith in god

Aatish: The explosive, a dynamic person

Aatmaj: Son

Aatreya: The name of a sage

Aayu: Span of life

Aayushmaan: With long life

Abeer: Fragrance

Abhay: Fearless, a son of Dharma

Abheek: Fearless

Abhi: Fearless

Abhijaat: Well born

Abhijay: Victorious

Abhijit: Victorious

Abhik: Beloved

Abhilash: Desire

Abhimanyu: Son of Arjuna

Abhinandan: Congratulation

Abhinav: Brand new

Abhinivesh: Desire

Abhiraam: Pleasing

Abhiraj: Fearless King

Abhirath: Great charioteer

Abhirup: Handsome

Abhisar: Companion

Abhishek: An auspicious bath for a deity

Abhivaadan: Greeting

Abhivanth (or Abivanth): Royal Salute

Abhra: Cloud

Abhyudaya: Luck

Achal: Constant

Achalendra: Himalayas

Achalraj: The Himalayan Mountain

Achintya: Inconceivable

Achyut: Imperishable; a name of Vishnu

Achyuthan: Indestructible

Adarsh: Ideal

Adeela: Equal

Adeep: The Light of Vishnu

Adheer: Restless

Adheesh: King

Adhik: More, lots

Adhip: King

Aadhira: Moon

Adhiraj: King

Adil: Sincere; just

Adinath: Lord Vishnu

Adipurush: Primordial Being.

Adit: From beginning

Aditya: lord of the sun

Advait: Unique

Advay: Unique

Advaya: One or united

Advik: Unique

Agastya: Name of a sage

Agendra: The Himalayan Mountain

Agharna: Moon

Aghat: Destroyer of sin

Aghosh: Quiet, soundless

Agnimitra: Friend of fire

Agniprava: Bright as the fire

Agnivesh: Bright as the fire

Agraj: Leader, senior

Agrata: Leadership

Agrim: Leader, first

Agyeya: Unknown

Ahan: One who is of the nature of time itself

Ahd: Pledge; knowledge Islamic

Ainesh: The sun's glory

Airaawat: The celestial white elephant

Aja: Unborn

Ajaat: Unborn

Ajaatshatru: The one who has no enemies

Ajamil: A mythological king Male Islamic

Ajanta: Eternal fame

Ajay: Unconquerable

Ajit: unconquerable

Ajitaabh: Whose lustre can't be


Ajitesh: Lord Vishnu

Ajoy: Joyful

Akaash: Sky

Akand: Calm

Akarsh: Attractive

Akhil: Entire

Akhilesh: Lord of the universe

Akshaj: Lord Vishnu

Akshan: Eye

Akshansh: Universe

Akshar: Imperishable

Akshat: Unharmed

Akshay: Immortal

Akshayaguna: Of Limitless Attributes, A Name for Lord Shiva

Akshaykeerti: Eternal fame

Akshit: Permanent

Akshobhya: Lord Vishnu

Akul: A name of Lord Shiva

Alak: World; beautiful tresses

Alankar: "Gold, Ornament"

Alok: Cry of victory

Aloki: Brightness

Alop: That which does not disappear

Alpesh: Tiny

Amaan: Peace

Amal: Unblemished; pure

Amalendu: Full moon

Amalesh: The pure one

Aman: Peace

Amani: Wishes; aspirations

Amar: Forever

Amardeep: Eternal light

Amaresh: Name of Indra

Amaris: Child of the Moon

Amarjeet: Victorious

Amarnath: Immortal god

Amartya: Immortal

Ambar: Sky

Ambareesh: King of the sky

Ambikapathi: Lord of Siva

Ambud: Cloud

Ambuj: Lotus

Ameet: Boundless

Ameya: Boundless

Ameyatma: Lord Vishnu

Ami: Nectar

Amil: Invaluable

Amir: Rich

Amish: Honest

Amit: Boundless

Amitaabh: Boundless luster

Amitava: Same as Amitabh

Amitbikram: Limitless prowess

Amitesh: Infinite god

Amlan: Unfading, everbright

Amar: The maker

Amod: Happiness

Amogh: Unerring

Amol: Priceless

Amolik: Priceless

Amoorta: Formless

Amresh: Lord Indra

Amrik: Nectar

Amrish: Lord Indra

Amrit: Nectar

Amritambu: Moon

Amritaya: The Immortal. Lord Vishnu

Amshu: Atom

Amshul: Bright

Amul: Priceless

Anaadi: Without beginning

Anaan: Clouds

Anadi: Eternal

Anagh: Sinless

Anal: Fire

Anand: Bliss, happiness

Anandi: Bringer of Joy. Lord Vishnu

Anang: Cupid or Kamadeva

Anant: Infinite

Anantajeet: The Victor of Infinity, Lord Vishnu

Anantram: Eternal god

Ananyo: "Sole, Peerless,"

Anay: Radha's Husband,

Anek: Many

Angad: An ornament

Angada: A son of Lakshmana

Angaj: Son

Angak: Son

Aniij: Charming

Anik: Soldier

Anikait: Lord of the World

Aniket: Homeless; Lord Shiva

Anil: Wind

Anilaabh: Spirit of the wind

Animesh: To stare open-eyed

Aniruddha: Which can't be restricted


Anirvan: Undying

Anish: Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva

Anit: Joyful unending

Anjal: Hollow formed by Joining two hands

Anjan: Eye liner

Anjas: Fortright

Anjor: Bright

Anjuman: A garden

Ankal: Whole

Ankit: The chosen one

Ankur: New life

Ankush: Restraint

Anmol: Priceless

Annuabhuj: Lord Shiva

Anoop: Incomparable

Anram: Continuous

Ansh: Portion

Anshu: Ray of light

Anshuk: Radiant

Anshul: Radiant

Anshumaan: The sun

Anshumat: Luminous

Antara: Paragraph

Antariksh: Space

Antim: Last

Anuj: Younger brother

Anunay: Supplication; consolation

Anupam: Incomparable

Anuraag: Love

Anuttam: Unsurpassed

Anuva: Knowledge

Apoorva: Exquisite

Aprameya: ‘A Name of Lord Krishna’

Aranab: Ocean

Arav: Peaceful

Arha: Lord Shiva

Archan: Worship

Archit: Worshipped

Ardhendu: Half moon

Areehah: Destroyer of enemies

Arhat: Respectable

Arihan: Killing Enemies

Arihant: Destroyer of enemies

Arij: Pleasant smell

Arindam: Destroyer of enemies

Arja: Divine

Arjit: Earned

Arjun: One of the Pandava brothers

Arka: Offering to the sun

Arman: Wish

Arnav: Ocean, sea

Arnesh: Lord of the sea

Arpan: Offering

Arshad: Heavenly

Artagnan: The Knower of All Meanings

Arun: The sun's charioteer

Arunachaleshwara: Lord of the Hills of Sun

Arvind: Lotus

Arya: Civilised, best

Aryaman: The sun

Aryan: Of the Aryan Race

Asav: Essence

Aseelah: From noble family

Aseem: Limitless

Ashank: Faith

Anmol: Priceless

Ashcharya: Surprise

Asheem: Boundless

Ashesh: Benediction

Ashirvad: Blessing

Ashish: Blessings

Ashit: Lord of the Rings – Saturn

Ashok: Without sorrow

Ashray: Shelter

Ashutosh: Lord Shiva

Ashvath: Strong

Ashwaghosh: Name of Buddhist


Ashwatthama: Son of Dronacharya

Ashwin: Hindu month

Asit: Not white

Asitvaran: Dark complexioned

Asiya: One who tends to the weak and heals

Asuman: Lord of vital breaths

Atal: Immoveable

Atambhu: The Holy trinity

Atanu: Cupid

Ateet: Past

Atharvan: Knower of the Arthara Vedas

Atiksh: Wise

Atithi: Guest

Atma: Soul

Atmajyoti: Light of soul

Atman: The self

Atmananda: Blissful soul

Atraiu: Great Warrior

Atul: Matchless

Atulya: Unequalled

Avadhesh: King Dasaratha

Avalok: Who beholds

Avaneesh: Master of the earth

Avanindra: King of the earth

Avashesh: Remainder

Avasyu: Lord Indra

Avatar: Incarnation

Avi: The sun and air

Avichal: Unmovable

Avijit: Lnvincible

Avikam: Diamond

Avilash: Faithful

Avinash: Indestructible

Avinashi: Indestructable

Avirat: Continuous

Avkash: Limitless space

Avtar: Holy incarnation

Avyukta: Crystal Clear

Ayog: Auspicious time

Ayush: Long Lived


A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 8, G = 3, H = 5, I = 1, J = 1, K = 2, L = 3, M = 4, N = 5, O = 7, P = 8, Q = 1, R = 2, S = 3, T = 4, U = 6, V = 6, W = 6, X = 5, Y = 1, Z = 7

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