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Power of Education

Only those people get higher of the success that keeps knowledge with their self. We cannot understand the power of education and knowledge for us we just think that education and knowledge is the greatest power among all worlds power because education gives you courage and you become brave enough to dare anything with the help and courage of education.

Some parent sent their child in the best school of the society or might the country by selling their land or some other expensive item but then they start expecting from their child to be on their expectation.

The thing is that the first thing we need to do in our life is we have to be true in our daily way of doing as lie is anything which can make the life of human from heaven to hell, the need is to understand the importance of the things.

The bending epidemic, commonly referred to as Bendgate, had beset Apple’s latest iPhone models. However, a group of testers using standard testing equipment proved that it is not just Apple’s devices that can feature an unwieldy bend when subjected to a little extreme pressure.

Education that provides people with many things like beliefs and habits and many other things are transferred from one generation to another generation and these generations get benefits from these blessings.

It is an ability of educated people to conclude a solution a problem which is different from all other solutions. This is due to the fact they consider all the aspects of problems and think about all possible outcomes.

Education is very important and effective tool for social change, economical change and much more. So it is very important to improve the standard of education.

Living successful, happy, healthy, prosperous and comfortable life in the community with your family members as well as with other community members you should know that what your positive and beneficial talents after that you can utilize your talents and qualities in the healthy and productive way in the society for living happy life.


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Dr. K.L. Dahiya Veterinary Surgeon, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Haryana - India