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Medical Quotes by Aulus Cornelius Celsus

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Medical Quotes


 Aulus Cornelius Celsus

Ø  Now a surgeon should be youthful with a strong and steady hand which never trembles, with vision sharp and clear, and spirit undaunted; filled with pity, so that he wishes to cure his patient, yet is not moved by his cries, to go too fast, or cut less than is necessary; but he does everything just as if the cries of pain cause him no emotion.

Ø  The blood vessels that are pouring out blood are to be grasped, and about the wounded spot they are to be tied in two places, and cut across in between, so that each may retract and yet have its opening closed.

Ø  Redness and swelling with heat and pain - the four signs of inflammation

Ø  It is impossible to remedy a severe malady unless by a remedy likewise severe.

Ø  The art of medicine has almost no constant rule.

Ø  For major ills, major remedies.


Ø  Always aid the organ that suffers most.

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