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Gloriosa superba L., Gloriosa rothschildiana O'Brien, Gloriosa speciosa, Gloriosa simplex

A postal stamp was issued by the Indian Postal Department to commemorate this flower. Vernacular name: State Flower of Tamil Nadu Bengali: Bishalanguli, Ulatchandal English: Climbing Lily, Creeping
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Transformations - Index

Transformations - Index Transformation The Domestication of Fire – The Major Transformation in Life The Language – Second Important Transformation The Agriculture – Third Most Important Transformation The Civilization –...
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Information System since Hunter – Gatherers to Modern Technology

A Great Transformation in the World Today, if network failed and you are indeed in need of that, then what will be your situation? If you...
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Symbiosis Between Animal and Humans – A great (R)evolutionary Transformation of Livestock Farming

Taming and domestication is a story of a successful symbiosis between animal and humans which presumably started simply by recognizing advantages for both. The animal...
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Fossil Fuel Energy – Sixth important transformation

Coal has been used in Europe since the 12th century (and in China it was burned 2,000 years ago). It first became a dominant energy...
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The European Conquests – Fifth important transformation

Proximate Causes of the Conquests By the 15th century A.D. Europeans were able to reach other continents, to subjugate the natives, and to settle down. Following...
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The Civilization – Fourth important transformation

Civilization is a notoriously vague term that for the purposes of this paper can be defined as the “complex of cultural phenomena which tends to...
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The Agriculture – Third most important transformation

The language was the third major transformation in development of modern civilizations. Birth of Agriculture Until the birth of agriculture all humans were hunter-gatherers. Agriculture can be...
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The Language – Second important transformation

The language can’t be fossilized. The language was the second most important transformation in development of human civilizations. It was the protolanguage by which our...
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The Domestication of Fire – The Major Transformation in Life

It was the turning point in life of Paleolithic human, when there was momentous sparkle of stones leading to use of fire for betterment of...
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Transformation is always anew Transformation is continuous since ages Transformation energizes life No new life without transformation Be ready for transformation Never ignore transformation Be positive for transformation Transformation is fact of...
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